Darren from Spudalicious has installed his new “Guardian system” in to his Spudalicious Food Van, Darren says the system has been great for him in two ways, firstly it covers his compliance for food safety, as well as the GPS system lets him know if his van is moved without his knowledge.

Darren usually works at markets and quite often health inspectors are there to check compliance, usually this means down time for Darren when he must show his temperature readings for compliance, now he can just pass over his phone and the readings are all there.

Darren has just been awarded for his outstanding work in the Mornington Peninsula Best Bites Peoples Choice Award.

Well done Darren.

If your down the Mornington way drop in and see Darren, you’ll find his locations on Facebook


The Guardian system is the newest in the Sentry range of products, it takes up to 4 wired and 4 wireless sensors using low power Bluetooth for the wireless sensors, battery life is between 10 and 18 years, the system has an inbuilt GPS but this is only used when used as a mobile system.

The Guardian has so many applications, when used in a vehicle it is perfect for food transport vehicles, Food vans even domestic caravans to make sure the fridge is running, you also get information on the vehicle battery as well as GPS location and “parking alarm” which sounds on your phone should the vehicle be moved.


When using the Guardian in a fixed location the GPS is turned off, and it becomes the perfect system for small kitchens, Vaccine fridges and anything the needs to be monitored for temperature in a small area using the low power Bluetooth temperature devices. If a combination of wired sensors and wireless sensors are used a much larger area can be covered.

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