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HACCP Certified

Sentry Temperature Monitoring

Automated Food Safety Temperature Compliance (AFSTC) is an Australian company focused on providing automated temperature monitoring solutions.  Developed and manufactured in Australia, our HACCP Certified Sentry temperature monitoring system provides 24 hour alert monitoring of your refrigerator, cool room or freezer.  In addition, the Sentry system fulfills the compliance reporting requirements of FoodSafe Australia, providing you with daily and weekly email reports.  Reports and real time temperature data can also be accessed via the web and the Sentry App.

Our comprehensive range of Sentry products allows us to customise a monitoring solution for you, whether it’s a refrigerator, a freezer, a cool room, a cold storage warehouse or a mobile food van.  It could be a supermarket or a restaurant, a pharmacy or a medical practice, a computer room or a climate controlled work environment.  No matter, we have an affordable solution for you!

Installation is simple and can be easily self-performed.  Wireless sensors are placed in the refrigerator or freezer and the collector plugged into a standard 240V power outlet.  Sensors pair automatically and the Sentry temperature monitoring system is good to go.  Temperature data is sent via 4G to our cloud based servers where the Sentry temperature monitoring platform monitors the data and automatically sends alerts when temperatures fall outside the programmable set points.  The platform also generates the daily and weekly temperature compliance reports.

AFSTC is a company you can trust and rely on. With Australia wide coverage, technical support and maintenance available online or over the phone, and free software upgrades, you can rest assured that the product in your refrigerator or freezer, or your climate controlled environment is safe and protected, even when you are not there.

Sentry temperature monitoring platform

The Sentry Temperature Monitoring System is comprised of a Collector unit and digital temperature sensors that are accurate to 0.5oC.  The temperature sensors send data wirelessly to the Collector unit which stores the information and forwards it via 4G to our cloud-based server where the heart of the monitoring system, the Sentry operating platform, is hosted.

The Sentry operating platform provides real-time monitoring of temperatures and immediately alerts users of discrepancies from set temperature points, allowing timely response to take corrective action and preserve valuable stock.  The platform also generates daily and weekly temperature reports for compliance purposes.

All of the Sentry temperature monitoring products operate on this common platform.  This allows us to provide the optimal and most affordable temperature monitoring solution for any given application, whether it is a single refrigerator or multiple refrigerators and cold storage facilities spread across multiple sites.


Our brochure is available for download in PDF format.

How Sentry Temperature Monitoring System works