Food Safety Temperature Monitoring

Our heritage lies in providing automated food temperature monitoring and remote temperature control solutions to businesses involved in the food supply chain, from farm gate to plate

We have developed innovative industry-leading technology that constantly monitors refrigerator temperatures to ensure that temperature-critical food produce is maintained within the required temperature zones consistent with Australian food safety regulations.

These regulations call for daily recording of cold storage temperatures even during periods the business is closed and is audited regularly by local health authorities.  The HACCP Certified Sentry temperature monitoring system performs this task automatically providing daily and weekly email reports of storage temperatures consistent with regulatory compliance requirements. The reports can also be accessed at any time online or via the Sentry App.

The Sentry temperature monitoring system also provides timely alerts in the event of refrigerator temperatures falling outside of the “safe” zone.  This allows time for corrective action to be taken to preserve valuable stock before it spoils.  As many businesses will attest, the cost of disposal of spoiled foods plus replacement costs can be significant.  With the Sentry temperature monitoring system, these costs are avoided!

The Sentry Temperature Monitoring System is typically used in the food processing and cold storage chain, restaurants, and transport industries. Yet, it also has many applications in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries too.


Automated Food Temperature Monitoring

The Sentry temperature monitoring system has many applications. It is ideal for monitoring of cold stores, cool rooms, freezers, fridges, food display cabinets, refrigerated transport. Clients within the cold storage food chain include food producers, warehousing, wholesalers, retailers including supermarkets, restaurants, commercial kitchens and food transport.

There are also many applications outside of the food industry.  These include cold storage of pharmaceutical products in medical and dental practices, hospitals and pharmacies.

Other applications where the Sentry temperature monitoring system has been deployed include computer server rooms and climate-controlled work environments.

Whatever the application, we can provide a solution.

Australian Innovation

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Sentry temperature monitoring system developed by AFSTC is ideal for monitoring of cold stores, cool rooms, freezers, fridges, food display cabinets, refrigerated transport and many other applications where temperature control and monitoring is critical  Whether it be used in a supermarket or a restaurant, a pharmacy or a medical practice, a computer room or a climate controlled work environment, AFSTC will provide an optimal solution for your application.

Problem Solvers

Your reputation is your brand. Keeping produce and food safe is critical not only to the well-being of your customers, but also the well-being of your brand. At AFSTC we recognize the demands of your business; that is why we have developed a system that monitors the temperatures of your refrigerated storage devices 24/7 and alerts you when temperatures fall outside the safe zone. We also take care of your regulatory compliance reporting, freeing valuable resources to focus on core business activities.

Our comprehensive range of monitoring products utilize the Sentry temperature monitoring software platform, providing an integrated monitoring and reporting system.  This allows us to consolidate reporting of temperature for multiple refrigerated storage devices across multiple locations for easy viewing.

Customer Support

AFSTC is a company you can trust and rely on. With Australia wide coverage, technical support and maintenance available online or over the phone, and free software upgrades, you can rest assured that the product in your refrigerator or freezer, or your climate controlled environment is safe and protected, even when you are not there.

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